Sweet Chestnut, or Castanea sativa, is a yellowish-brown hardwood often used in joinery and due to its durability in ground contact for fencing.

Chestnut Properties

Botanical name: Castanea sativa
Colour: Yellowish-brown
Density: 560kg/m3
Working properties: Good cutting, nailing and finishing.
Texture: Medium
Thicknesses available: 1″, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 2″, 2 ½”, 3″, 4″.
Width Range: 4″ and wider sold from pack. Other specifications available to be sorted to order.
Durability: Durable – long lasting with ground contact.
Preservative permeability: Extremely resistant.
Dimension change in varying conditions: Large.

Chestnut Weight Calculator

Based on a weight of 560kg per cubic meter. Note this is an imprecise calculation as wood weight varies.
Imperial lengths:

Number of Boards:
Length in Foot:
Width in Inches:
Thickness in Inches:
Weight in kg:

Metric lengths:

Number of Boards:
Length in mm:
Width in mm:
Thickness in mm:
Weight in kg:

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