Birdseye Maple

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Birdseye Maple is a specific effect which can occur in American Hard Maple which gives an unusual pattern which is prized for bespoke furniture manufacture. The rarity of this stock means that the size of project that can be produced using this stock is limited, therefore its most common usage is in musical instruments and small items of furniture such a jewelery boxes.. We currently have roughly 40ft3 of unusually heavily ‘eyed’ stock in 1″ thickness, with 5″ to 12″ widths and 9′ to 10′ in length – when this has sourcing for order another pack with such a large number of eyes is likely to be difficult, so if you anticipate requiring this please call.

As you can see below it is only when planed that the eyes really show through. While Hard Maple will have an occasional eye, boards that can be classed as Birds Eye Maple are rare. The stock in the photos page is our unusually heavily ‘eyed’ stock.

Birdseye Maple Photos


American Hard Maple Properties

Average Density: 740kg/m3

Birdseye Maple Weight Calculator

Based on a weight of 740kg per cubic meter. Note this is an imprecise calculation as wood weight varies.
Imperial lengths:

Number of Boards:
Length in Foot:
Width in Inches:
Thickness in Inches:
Weight in kg:

Metric lengths:

Number of Boards:
Length in mm:
Width in mm:
Thickness in mm:
Weight in kg:

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