Black Walnut

American Black Walnut, Juglans nigra, is a dark, heavy and strong hardwood. Despite its strength it is not difficult to work or split. It is often used in furniture, cabinet making, flooring, coffins, guns and for other woodworking uses. Available in Britain from American imports as early as 1610, it was not until the mid 19th century that the timber was prized for its appearance. The timber is known for knots.

The tree grows up to 40-50m and have trunks up to a diameter of 60″. Black walnuts, an edible fruit with health benefits, are produced by the tree. The tree most commonly grows in Mid and Eastern USA and Canada.

We stock Kiln Dried Square Edged boards from North American sources. As well as the FAS grade, we can offer a “Super Prime” grade. We are able to offer delivery and machining subject to availability and requirements, please call for more information.

Black Walnut Photos

Photo of Planed Black Walnut:
Black Walnut Wood
Photo of Rough Sawn Black Walnut:
Black Walnut Timber
Photo of a Black Walnut Tree:
Black Walnut Tree
Photo of Bark of a Black Walnut Tree:
Black Walnut Bark
Photo of Leaves and Fruit of Black Walnut Tree:
Black Walnut Leaves
Map of Distribution of Black Walnut:
Distribution of Black Walnut

Black Walnut Properties

Botanical name: Juglans nigra
Strong, dark brown: Juglans nigra
Density: 660kg/m3
Working properties: Great finishing and machining properties, good nailing, screwing and gluing properties.
Texture: Coarse
Thicknesses available: 1″, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 2″, 2 ½”, 3″, 4″.
Width Range: 4″ and wider, 8″ and wider and 10″ and wider stock sold from pack. Other specifications available to be sorted for order.
Durability: Durable heartwood. Sapwood however can be susceptible to powder post beetle attack.
Preservative permeability:: Very resistant.
Dimension change in varying conditions: Small to medium.

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